[4.5.9] How To Have More Than 64 Monsters

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64 monsters is a lot for an NES game, and in ordinary circumstances you wouldn't exceed that number. But there are situations where 64 isn't enough. I have a lot of sprite cutscenes in my games, and each actor in a cutscene is a separate monster. Depending on what's happening, you can blow 3 or 4 monsters in a single scene which eats into the number quickly. Foertunately, there's a way to have more than 64 monsters in the game, and without any drastic modifications.

My second row of Screen Flags is devoted to altering Action States. You just tell all Monster Action States on a specific screen to start at a different number, like Action State 2, 4 or 6. Since each Action State can have a different sprite, this allows you to make four separate monsters with just ONE monster. Great for NPCs or enemies that don't use complicated AI.

Using this method, you can store every monster in your game in the first few monsters, and then have the rest of that space free for cutscene actions. Neat!

Here's how to do it. Save an alternate doLoadScreenData.asm, and paste the following code directly under "Handle monster 1."

            LDA ScreenFlags01
    AND #%10000000
    BEQ +
    LDA #$02
    STA monActionStep
    JMP +++
    LDA ScreenFlags01
    AND #%01000000
    BEQ ++
    LDA #$04
    STA monActionStep
    JMP +++
    LDA ScreenFlags01
    AND #%00100000
    BEQ +++
    LDA #$06
    STA monActionStep
    ;;;;;;;;;; END OF MATERIAL

Then rename your Screen Flags starting with the ninth one: "Start on Action Step 2," "Start on Action Step 4," and "Start On Action Step 6."

Additionally, it's not hard to modify this to make options for starting monsters at Action Steps 3, 5 or 7.
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