4.5.9 How to save project to start another


I've been working on my game for never a year now. I can load and save my current project. I am however uneasy and unsure the proper way to save a whole project for later to work on something else. For my current backups I have just been copying the whole nesmaker folder to a thumb drive. I figured with summer camp around the corner this might be useful to go over. I just need a little break from my main project and would feel more confident if I could reference a document or video on this before trying.


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I have like 4 or 5 different projects going on the same version currently. You should be ok to start another.


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What I do:
-> 1 NESMaker folder per project, to make sure I won't break break any of them when I am working on another one.

Note: For backup or to share my project with another person (team work for example), I just grab the "GameEngineData", the "GraphicAssets" and the "Projects" folders, zipped (those are the folders containing all the files used by my project).


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I always start out on a project promising myself not to modify the original scripts and properly link in new scripts, but that falls to the wayside so fast that I just keep a separate backup of the whole nesmaker folder for each project. If you are more disciplined than me, you should be able to run multiple projects off the same install with no issues.
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