4.5.9 Move Towards Player not stopping on StopMoving (adventure base)


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I just can't figure it out, I know I am sort of inexperienced here, but everything I try seems to not work, so it feels like it may be a bug; even though nobody else seems to have the issue. Even trying it in the intermediate adventure base tutorial with what should be a clean install, StopMoving doesn't StopMoving after a Move Towards Player action step. It works just fine to stop moving for a Move Random action step, but Move Towards Player causes StopMoving to not work. Action steps will work appropriately as far as animation, but its moving toward the player is unable to cease until the object is destroyed. It is an issue I have been having with my game, but like I said, was replicated while following the adventure base tutorial (and then veering off when adding action steps to the monster to try M.T.P.).

Any insight??
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