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Hello everyone!
I've been watching some NesMaker tutorials lately and as I learned about the hardware restrictions for sprites, I've been doing some random pixel art.
I am thinking about more variations and adding the bitmask too, but maybe this will go on my Itch.io page, I haven't decided yet.

The Licence I use is Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution.
You can:
Use or modify the sprites as you see fit for non commercial and commercial projects.
You can not:
Resell the original sprite and the derivatives.
You must:
Credit me as Imogia or Imogia Games.

For now I am happy to share a Creative Commons CC-by character that I just published on Open Game Art:

FLATBOY: Animated Character, 16x16 pixels, 6 States, CC-by

And below I'll post any new packs I'll publish:
FLATBOY: Extended Pack 1 000+ sprites + RGB bitmask: 16x16 pixes, 6 states, CC-by 4.0

Skullops, a one eyed monster with two states, front and side with 20 coclor variations

Splinter, a rat monster that may become a martial arts master one day:

Feel free to use it in your games, and please notice me if you do!

I intend to update this post each time I will release new art, feel free to give me some feedback,

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I just uploaded an extended pack of 8bit variations for Flatboy! You now hove access to different skin colors each with a lot of clothes variants!
AND I added the RGB bitmask file! Enjoy!
Flatboy 8bit extended pack!



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Hello NesMakers, and a happy new year!
I have been away for a while, but let's celebrate with a new free monster pack =)
I finally released the Rat Monster!
As usual, I provide bitmask and variations!

It's safer to stay home and create games!

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