This is on the todo list, but i am doing a different game(Almika) right now.
Ok so it's supposed to be about A Robot, or an Aerobic Robot....Aerobot(also the name for a flying robot....).
The robot is based on a female. She has a tape player in her stomach and is ready to learn new workout routines and do them
more efficiently than anyone!
I was hoping to make a music based game, but it can be more of a "MB Simon" or memory/mimic the other character game.
Like a game of horse, but a workout!
It would also involve times where you have to push a button repeatedly and very fast, maybe even while still mimicking.
I can imagine the commercial now ... cue the cheesy music, anime singing voice girls kick broken english translation...
" A! E! R! O! B! O! T! "
Will you have my fun?
Or are you too lazy?
How does it feel to be unfit?
Time to show you how to go! "
aerobot 1.png

Sorry, it gets a little PG.
I was pressing buttons in half of this gif to make the animation go faster(truly just reset and go again,but its 2 frame animations so it makes
it look like it's going faster.)./.].

sdrgardg 2.gif

All of these charaters(minus aerobot) are from one BMP.


Any parts of these animations are easily mixmatchable.There are 3 body types and many heads n faces and hairs that are also mimatchable.


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This looks very fun!
I can't to see more about that project.
Great work on the gfx and the animations !
Thank you dale. And i dont mind sharing some assets with people , i just didnt want the internet to have it which is why i watermarked it if anyone wonders. I hope to work on this maybe after my starrider game.


out-aerobicize any challengers while training to win the crystal lite championship!

I hope you get this made, it could be amazing with a power pad! The graphics already look great!

I had a similar idea to make an rpg game where you move around a map in a standard rpg style, but instead of a turn based fight, you have to do a DDR sort of battle.
Oh my goodness! Thanks for the vid. Yeah i keep thinkin about this project.
I wanted to do a ddr thing but dont have a good idea how yet. The power pad
sounds like a cool idea too.


The way I was thinking to d o a DDR type game would be to have custom tile types, one for each button you would tell the player to press (up, A , B, Left, Down etc) and place them in a long straight line in the scrolling shooter type of game. the screen would scroll automatically to the right at a constant speed.

instead of moving a player sprite around the screen, the "player" sprite would stay in the middle and every time a buttton is hit, it would check to see what tiles it is colliding with.


a "perfect" would add 2 points, a "good" would add 1 point, and a "bad" would subtract 1 point (or some variation of this) then a total would be calculated at the end.
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