Almika - The Star Rider ...Densetsu Gaiden

This game is 5555 percent finished.

Thanks to the universal all power, much appreciated.

Much thanks to
dale_coop .

Thanks to NESmaker and its creators.

For help in general and support, Thanks to...
Bucket mouse
janky nate
my friends and family
more to list here...

Thanks to my Playtesters...

Almika The Star Rider Densetsu Gaiden.png

I'd like to mention that atleast 50 percent of this game is made with the power of the sun.
I live in a small cabin that i built and i use solar power when im there or simply run my laptop on
it's battery.This goes hand-in-hand with the title, Almika, which means, she of the sun.


I recently heavily updated the game.
ROM Updated 10/19/2020 (U.S)
19/10/2020(Like everywhere else)

Heres the ROM link: ********************** *********************************
You start with 2 hearts, and a sword.No armor,no projectile.You have to earn those!

Youtuba link:

The flow of the game is like this....
Get all 4 armor pieces,then use the warp gates to find the 5 keys.
Finally go in the temple by the warps.
Armor upgrades can upgrade your total life and some can upgrade your speed a little.


Also thank you dale_coop.

Here's my layout so far.I will update the rom soon.I did, but i will again soon.

almika map 1.png
almika map 2.png

Here is the pc demo.its like 5 years old,but is what inspired this nes game.
(use A D up,down,left,right on the keyboard.It's 4 rooms,1 boss,all tests.)
(change hair with the1 and 2 keys(hold A to block if you have a shield))
Any armor and hair are separate from the character.I had to code many pieces animated with eachother.
It ended up working.I like the music and feel, but i wasn't good at coding.I improved and made a CV fangame,
kyuketsuki no kirachimu. (link in description)
Now i would love to finish the pc game but, moreso as an nes game.
I've updated quite a bit. I have 2 levels,fixed alot of stuff,some new baddies,also new music.Please enjoy and give me any feedback.



For now, to get into the cave, you simply kill the enemies near the entrance.The cave is east from the blobboss.But instead of entering the cave,
you could go north from there instead.Try it out!The game is made to backtrack.


I love those player sprites! Looking forward to trying your game. Sounds like you've made a lot of progress. Are you using 4.5?
Thanks alot jonny.No i am using 4.1.5. For now its best i think because i have it stable. But i have messed with 4.5 and i like the new stuff ofcourse.Between bugs and scripts n different macros or whatever...i just decided to stick with 4.1.5. I will update the rom download sometime this weekend if you ever wanna try it out.But there is a link here and should be one in my signature.Simple quick download,no signups or bs.
Also i used rpg maker quite a bit.l, gamemaker for a few years,and has always had an interest in the creative part of gamesI really have so much time on my hands and a drive to make an nes game.So here we go!
Yes drexe they are very similar.I need to change them even if i am a fan! They are stock NESmaker path tiles and i love paths! Thanks for checking it out.
If you wanna try it the link is everywhere on this page.I've added more songs and a new level with nothing to do in it yet but i think it looks cool.

Here's a building from it.They use technology/magic to balance the gravity of the building.Also the great tower was built to stabilize the land above
as well to mimic the great tree....everythings great!


Heres me just messin with a boss fight. Just a basic outline so far,havnt made graphics for it yet.I mainly wanted to show (incase you dont feel like gettin to this spot in the demo) how stuff was working. Spawning enemies,8 way flying, shooting towards the player,my new sprite hud, also hitting 2 enemies at the same time, all works fine.

Also...... palette changing stuff?!(epilepsy warning)

Thanks. Heres a rough draft of an ice level. Using the palette swap/change thing, an ice tile script you posted, and the behind tile adventure script.

I got some great help with the warping in my game from bucketmouse. Thank you again. Here is also my new layout so far. Been adding an ice level. Next is probly a,you guessed it, fire level. Maybe not, as bucket helped me warp to the underworld(because i did something wrong to my code) so maybe i'll save fire for that.

ice lvl 5.png
updated the romlink. You can now choose what level to start on.Not a cool menu or anything.Walk right to choose the next level in the begining.

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