Api The Cat (wip) CGA Style [4.5.9]


Hello everyone! This is my video game so far, it's about not getting hit by monsters approaching you at full speed, I've drawn 5 levels but I'm still working to make it a little more fun. I would love to know if there is any way to write Japanese in the NPC and I would also love to have a score running and a high score table. If anyone knows where I can go to get these additions, I appreciate the help.

Thanks to @Logana, @kevin81 and @Jonny for being so helpful these days < 3

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8928xx7qT9M

I attach a demo of this level in case someone wants to try it <3


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It's getting better and better. I love the fast pased action and the detailed backgrounds.


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From what I can see, you've most certainly made an improvements over there.
Especially when it comes to background art since now you can actually see what's going on, on the screen.

While I presume there are still lot of bugs out there I am going to bring up few issues that I feel like addressing.

Now first complaint I have is, never insert monsters on the first screen. Especially in a way that they gang up on player with no way to dodge.
Probably a bug there but still. That is just bad stage design since first screen is for player to adjust the situation they're in.

Dunno if it is intentional or a bug stage objects should stay consistent, in this case the windows that you can jump on.
Some of the window screens act as a solid platforms and others doesn't, that can confuse the players.

As for the enemies, jeesh they're fast. Instead of bombarding the player with fast moving objects,
I'd suggest giving them more of a consistent patterns and slowing them down for right now I can't even adjust to see what's the thing hitting me.
Every enemy just flashes by like NYOOOOOM! as if they'd be escaping from some sort of natural disaster or something.

Lastly, when I reached EXIT and begun to go backwards one of the overly massive screen tearing teachers hit me and... Well...
This happened...


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