Bowels Of The Beast speedrunning!!!

mouse spirit

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Not enough power in that pc!!?? Damn!! You might have been my only hope of someone doing a run on my game lol. I hope you can do it, would be awesome!!! @mouse spirit
Well, to be able to speed run a game, you'd have to know everything about it. This game seems to really not give the player a "fair" chance.
To do anything I have to "cheese" or walk forward very slowly,shoot constantly, or run backwards alot. The screen gets stuck sometimes too, making the player be at the far right of the screen.But it seems to be built in such a way that everything flies out of the right side. So it's impossible unless you inch your way through the entire game, or know every single thing about it.
Anyone's only hope is to keep many objects on the screen to force slowdown and do the things I mentioned above.
I will say this with confidence.... you will be the only person every to beat this game without heavily cheating. Unless of course you cheated!

I like it all truly, Except the unfairness/ brutal nature , it needs backed off a ton. This is coming from someone who was told that by everyone while making my last game....

It can be brutal and tough and fast, but it needs to be somewhat fair. It's not that it's too tough, it's that it's not fair enough.

An example:
I put you in a room with 50 bombs, you have 3 seconds to get out, but your player is only fast enough to make it out in exactly 3 seconds. Meanwhile,every path before you has badguys on it shooting fireballs. In addition, your walk left button sticks randomly but you notice once every four times it's pressed(roughly). Now I said you have 3 seconds, but you must actually earn time. I will start you with 1 second. To earn an additional second to escape, you much press a button combination. What's the combination? Each time the level loads, the enemies will be of certain colors. Those colors corrospond to buttons on a SNES controller, but can be translated to a NES controller if you understand how.... How you ask? By counting how many pixels each monster is comprised of.( Each monster will always be slightly different).....
It's actually possible, but then that's all that I give you to work with . Now go ahead and speed run that game.

Oh I forgot, you also have one bullet in the chamber of you gun..... your choice on how to use it.


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@mouse spirit It definitely isn't a game you're going to pick up right away. The first step would be to actually finish it and put your boots to the demon's dome! (however long it may take). Baby steps my friend. I hate to say it, but I assembled this game to reap some damn souls!!!!!!!!!!! Wether it be the casual gamer or the speedrunner. I cannot change it at all or I won't be staying true to myself. But now that you tried my game out I am definitely playing your game and will try to beat it!!! Thank you for the feedback brother!!!
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