Byteoff - 2020 Brutal review and personal taste winner


Wow, that's brutal. Though, did you ever consider the fact that some of these entries were probably made closer to the deadline and therefore didn't have the time to get developed/polished further? This is technically a game jam after all - making an empty demo is already pretty decent for something made in less than a week (in my case, 2~3 days).

Too true, too true.

Also, there's no way to govern if people are spending 12 months or 2 days on them. I know its all a bit of fun but I've always thought the 30 time limit was a bit strange when people know the competition is coming up a year in advance. It's not really something that can be judged fairly as nobody knows who 'cheated' and who stuck to the 30 days 'jam'.

There's a way to give crit in a honest way without putting people down so harshly. I haven't read through all the comments yet but tbh this kinda angers me because there's kids using NesMaker who are easily influenced by put downs and yeah, probably sensitive to someone basically saying what they've tried to do is total shite.

People are trying to have fun with it and learn not get roasted like they're on comedy central. Honesty is great but this is just trying to get a laugh by being horrible to creators. Mad props for all the effort - if someone's going to all that work, you know they're desperate for someone to find them funny.
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