[ByteOff 2020] Curse of the Shadow


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Hey everyone I'm just posting to show off the game I submitted to ByteOff 2020. I bought NESMaker 2 weeks ago without realizing there was a competition and I've been working on it 2-3 hours per day since then. It's been a real pleasure working in NESMaker because it's allowed me to learn all about the NES hardware and quirks quicker (and less morale draining) than writing from scratch.

Anyway, here it is. Curse of the Shadow, an small action RPG platformer (without the RPG really due to time) prototype.

Download it here: https://itch.io/jam/nesmaker-byte-off-2020/rate/763148



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Wow! You did all that in 2 weeks! It looks great.

I really wanted to do somthing for ByteOff 2020 but I didn't see much solid information about it on the run up.
I got one email about it which read "you still have a few days left" and by that time I figured it was too late.
You did your demo in half the allocated time but tbh I doubt many people stuck to that so I think you've done excellent.

Maybe next year I'll come up with something as good as this. Are you planning to finish the game off an put in the RPG eliments?


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Thanks for the kind words @Jonny. I was lucky to have found the competition (and countdown page) completely by accident!

I do plan on finishing the game, but I'm also working on another prototype first to see which is the one I want to pursue first.


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This is like Zelda lol. Cool demo so far. I think i beat it too!

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