[ByteOff 2020] Walter Nate Timeline Agent


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Well time is up, uploading what I have.
WalterNate TimelineAgent screenshot01.png
WalterNate TimelineAgent screenshot02.png

Spent a long time messing with code on a doomed different project. Pulled a few late nights and gathered together a bunch of work I'd done up to this point to get a small demo finished. The result Walter Nate Timeline Agent.

Agent Walter Nate is a Timeline Agent charged
with protecting timelines from outside threats.
He’s in pursuit of the Timeline Terrorist Dr. Rhett
. Doctor Kahn originally helped co-found the
Agency, before going rouge. Now he’s amassing
an army of recruits and weapons across several
Retro Future Timelines.

It's a very early alpha. A main character with a full animation move set, some background artwork, and some placeholder monsters to test shooting at. But hopefully you can get a sense of the direction it's headed. Very much a mix of Ninja Giaden and Rolling Thunder.
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