Cartridges and Cartridge Burners


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Hello! I just downloaded NES Maker and still watching the 12 Days tutorials and haven’t started any projects yet. Just thinking ahead for down the road - where can I buy blank NES cartridges and a burner? I saw the one he has in one of the early videos but I don’t recall if he mentions in the video where to buy. I didn’t see one on Amazon. Can someone post a link?



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You can buy the NESmaker flasher kit on InfiniteNESLives website:
(you will not find it another place... except eBay maybe "INL flasher/kazzo")

The blank mapper30 NES cartridges are flushable (rewritable) hundred and hundred of times.
You can buy those blank mapper30 boards, on INL website of course, but also on other websites (I recommend, the "vertical" mirroring ones for ready to use with nesmaker)
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