Character/Level Design, Pixel Art, Story Boarding


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Hi people, I'm Croque Monsieur.
I'm a starving artist and forgotten record producer who happens to have a degree in engineering, a match made in heaven right?
I would absolutely LOVE to make your game as awesome as you want it to be and add value to it with my modest skillset.
I produced a tv ad for Snickers a while back, I produced music for myself and a couple other indie artists and I understand the many limitations of true 8 bit era pixel art like no other.
I can design characters and levels for you, "Kojimafy" your game with some story elements and a proper story board so that it makes sense and if I mastered the secrets of Famitracker I'd be OST'ing the heck out of your game too, but I'm still working that out. I wouldn't offer something I haven't mastered yet. (DAT HONOR)
I humbly offer you my services NES Makers!
For pricing, quotations, general ideas and such you can hit me up with a PM.


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That’s fine I’m good I like working just with my close friends and doing all the music/art but I hope alotta other people who need help with that se this


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Bonjour Croque_Monsieur !
By any chance, are you the one that made the tv spot of "Suegra" I love the Snickers ads, all of them are brilliant and I use them as example in my video production classes.
Anyway, I'm just passing by to say hello!


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There was someone asking for a pixel artist in Assets section I think. An 80s game.
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