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You recive: Most responsobility of building/ programing our game

I recive: Work of music and art.

I'd like to make a sequal to one of my NES games I made, but 'eff that. TIME TO DO SOMETHING ORIGINAL.

What I'd like to make with yall is a shooter similar to MegaMan X. Y'know, wall jumping and shit like that. I already got a general idea of what the music is gonna be like and the title of the game is "Trigger Happy" I got character concepts and stuff like that, to make file sharing easier, my Discord is: so yeah, have fun.

That is all I request.
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haha it’s funny because their are so many musicians and artists here and not many programmers, almost as if this is a tool for making games without code, not to dawg on you but many people have made the same offer here, and I’m sure many people may want to help you with your game, but I’m like 90% sure nobody would take this offer because

A. You aren’t paying them hourly and your not paying much for coding an entire
B. Their is likely no chance that you would hire them again or even feature them in credits
C. At the very least this post is sketchy and has crass language which can turn off people actually interested, fell like this is just trying to take advantage of the community for cheap labor
D. Based on prior posts you already know how to code, with C and could just translate the code

Not trying to be blunt but seriously you need to think out stuff like this
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