File Icons Disappearing after Reinstall/Reactivation?


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I usually like to lurk a bit longer on a forum before posting a question, but I've been having several issues and was wondering if anyone else out there has experienced anything similar.

After getting that "AssignBanks.asm(90): Value out of range" error when I tried compiling the game, I deleted and reinstalled NesMaker. I was then able to run the compiler. However, I noticed that some of the files within my new NesMaker folder began disappearing: the folder shows nothing in it, but "properties" still shows a size of 171MB, and when I searched for NesMaker.exe, it still opened with all data intact. Because it later asked me to activate my account again, I though the file disappearances might have something to do with licensing, but the problem persists even after reactivation.

I'm using Windows 7 with up-to-date anti-virus and (licensed) anti-malware programs installed and up-to-date. My best guess is that one of those programs failed, but given that the issue hasn't shown up anywhere else (yet), I'm hoping this is a resolvable NesMaker glitch.

Has anyone out there had a similar experience? Does anyone have an idea of how to fix this?

EDIT 2/17: A buddy suggested this might be a weird extraction-related issue. I uninstalled, downloaded a program called 7-Zip to extract the files, and then reinstalled. I'll update again if needed,
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