Flash ROM not project to cart?


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Say if I make a game and a couple months down the road I no longer have the project I made in NESMaker, but I still have the rom file and the kit from infiniteneslives. Would I be able to flash the rom file of the game I made to the cart somehow?


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If you still have the flasher folder on your computer, either from NESmaker or from INL directly, then yes. Just put the ROM in the host folder (make sure it's still called game.nes), and run flashcart.bat in that same folder. Works better than using the Make Cart button in the NESmaker UI imo because the command line stays on screen letting you know if anything goes wrong. Also for me it seems to work more consistently.


Ahhh that makes sense! Good for future reference. Because I’d like to see a lot of these little throw away projects I made but didn’t want to keep all the files except the roms. Thank you!!!


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If you want to archive your projects, just need to keep :
- the "GraphicAssets" folder (where the graphics used by your project are located)
- the "GameEngineData" folder (where the scripts used by your project are located)
- the project .MST file (usually in the "Projects" folder)
Zip all that in one zip file, it should take only a few ko.

(note: the game.nes rom file is in the "GameEngineData" folder)
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