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Some of you prior to April 16th may experience issues with your slimline flashers from Infinite NES Lives. Paul from INL made some significant improvements and patches to a few things which required a bit of tweaking to automatically launch from NESmaker's front end. We were unaware of these changes (and he was equally unaware of how NESmaker called the flasher), and never experienced it since the *old* way worked fine on our older flashers that we were using.

Thanks so much for the patience while we worked it out. If you are downloading NESmaker any time after April 16th, versions 4.1.5 and forward will have this patch already working. If you downloaded 4.1.5 or earlier versions prior to April 16th, 2019, you need to replace your "Flasher" folder with the one zipped as an attachment to this thread.

It is very simple. Open your NESmaker_4_1_5 folder and you'll see a folder called Flasher. Erase it. Unzip this file in its place. Then, assuming you have loaded the drivers, all versions of the flashers from INL should work. If you're still having flashing trouble, make sure the cart is on the flasher securely (and the right way), try a different USB port, or try restarting the computer.

**If you are still having trouble, try these things:
1) Reinstall the drivers from that new folder.
2) Restart your computer.
3) Try a different USB port.

All three of these issues have led to potential problems.

Thanks so much!


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