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I've had nesmaker for almost 3 years, yet in that time, I wasnt using it, nor do I know whats changed, i've been trying to get a project up and running for some time now, but it keeps bringing up this screen

Screenshot 2023-08-31 140527.png

im using the metroidvania module, and i also have inputs set up
Screenshot 2023-08-31 140542.png
if anything, what i need is a tutorial thats for this version of nesmaker, and is easy to understand.


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4.5.9 is the latest version. All the tutorials on should apply. There are also older tutorials on youtube / vimeo.

The reason you have the error is because you have 2 input scripts for changeActionToStop. They are variations of the same routine and therefore will have some of the same labels in them. Get rid of one and it will work. There is no reason to have both.


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It's because you have added duplicate input scripts... (the"ChangeActionToStop.asm" and "ChangeActionToStop_UnlessJumping.asm"... and the "ChangeActionToMoving.asm" and "ChangeActionToMoving_unlessJumping.asm").
If it's a Platformer/MetroVania project, I suggest to remove the "ChangeActionToStop.asm" and "ChangeActionToMoving.asm" scripts from the "Input Editor" and from the "Scripts > Input Scripts" (on the left pane of NESmaker).
And the compilation errors should go away.
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