"Graphics bank" flip frame (flip V/H) like you can in "Game Objects"? "Monster Graphic Banks"?


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(Apologies in advance if this has been discussed before but I couldn't find any topics)

When I'm defining assets in "Graphic Banks" I want to be able to flip frames to be able to fit more objects into the Tileset. I like the idea of saving space by using the horizontal and vertical flip of graphics.
Graphics bank.JPG

Essentially the same functionality that exits from the "Monster Graphic Banks" and "Game Objects"

Is this feature not implemented or am I making things too complicated, i.e is there a smarter way of accomplishing this?



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jsherman said:
Unfortunately, the NES cannot flip background tiles, only object sprites.

Thanks jsherman!

Where can I read up on how many tilesets I can use? The "GraphicsAssets" folder has BckCHR_00 to BckCHR_14 which seems to be plenty?
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