Have you animals seen what this Emulator can do?! (PC and VR)


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I assume many of you have, but since this is NES related awesomeness and I only stumbled upon it a few weeks back, here it is again:

3DSEN is an emulator that has the ability to bend basic NES sprites around a 3d-grid, tweak their animations, adds lighting/shadow effects, save them to profiles and then share those profiles with others to enjoy, even in VR! Seems to stay true to the OG gameplay too!
3DSEN isn't perfect, it only currently supports something like 40 NES titles, sometimes transparent tiles "freak-out", other's don't render correctly, etc... but what it DOES play, is pretty neat! Oh, and you have to acquire the ROM files yourself, which for some can be a hassle. BUT...

Check this out:
(...the curtains "sway in the breeze"! đź’Ş )

3DSEN also isn't free, but it goes on sale often on STEAM and the usual bundle-sites. I grabbed both versions (PC/VR) for $10usd ea. (the Profile-Creator is by donation) and have hardly regretted it yet...

(I have no affiliation with Geod or this product; I'm just a happy user!)

Let me know what you think below...
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