Hey all!


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Hello! A fellow NES-fan enters the arena :cool:

A total newbie for this kind of stuff, but the tutorials are super easy to follow and I'm surprised how fast everything is coming together.
I am currently working just a test game - nothing special, but hopefully my future project will see sunlight soon!
That's all, folks! Take care! ;)


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Welcome to the forums Oste! If you have any questions, feel free to drop a line in the "ask for help" threads. Plenty of good folk will be quick to lend a hand.


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Welcome Oste :)
Glad to have you here with us
When starting with NESmaker I suggest to watch all the tutorial videos from the official website https://www.thenew8bitheroes.com/learn
After that, you will be ready for making your own game.
A lot of resource, scripts, on the forum... answers to questions, fix to issues ...
And feel free to start and share <3
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