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Alright, I have an issue, and I am open to suggestions. Let me tell you how I have this set up.

Monsters Vs. Game Objects

i have noticed I only have ONE tileset for game objects. But can select things in Object Details that will allow me to make a Monster a pickup.
Using the Monster Tileset for Pickups works pretty well. I have 3 different monsters, and also 3 different groups of items associated with each monster. Only the actual monster on each screen is animated, All the other things are actually pick up items. I have them checked in Object Details < .

I am getting glitches when I try to do this. This works if I use my Game Object Tiles no problem. In fact on multiple other screens my (Monster) Items work fine. The problem is specifically with one monster. I have reviewed settings and frames and animations and cannot find a reason why it doesnt want to do this.

The end thought is to make items you have to hit a button to score points on. Its the same thing as hitting a monster with a sword, instead of just running into an item and having it disappear.

Anyone follow a different logic on how to achieve these parameters? Otherwise only having one Game Object Tileset is hard.

Hey can I make my player off a Monster Tile set so I dont lose like 12 squares on my Game Object Tileset?

What do you guys think ?

- is this maybe something where I have too many monsters in one bank? I have a ton of monsters and items in monster bank 0.
- Also I dont know why but I am not getting my tilesets in Bank 1.

Im going to keep poking around, usually I figure stuff out in a day or so.

UPDATED: In making the monster and stuff in Graphics bank 1 it worked as expected. I guess I ran into some of the walls of the assembler. The good news is it worked and I can continue the work method.
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