How to use a second/extra bank for music?


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Hi all,

I'm working on a game which is heavily using background music. I would like to include 9 tracks and some small sfx. However: when I've imported the tracks into NESMaker and try to build the game. It says: Routines\BASE_4_5\System\AssignBanks.asm(148): Value out of range.

So my music takes too much space. And the tracks are already a shortend.

Is there a way to use an additional bank (e.g. 1D) for (a couple) of the tracks?

Thanks already!


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I was successful using Knietfeld's guide here:



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You shouldn't be running into that with just 9 songs (for the record, I have gotten 14 songs excluding silence to fit in the default allocated space). They're probably not optimised enough. You should also move stuff out of the fixed bank which contains the music data. There are plenty of tutorials on doing that.
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