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First timer here. Just got started on Saturday. Ran into an issue I posted in another thread if anyone else has ran into the issue of your character disappearing when loading your l2r plat.


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Hey @brandonbrains
Glad to have you here with us.
You'll find a lot of resources, scripts, fixes, help on the forum.
Also, of course, I'd suggest to watch all the tutorial videos from the official website (in the "LEARN" section), you will learn everything about NESmaker.
About the issues in the scrolling modules, I think there are a few topic about that on the forum...
for example that one:

Don't hesitate to ask for help (dedicated section) and feel free to share your projects, WIPs.
Have fun


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I’ve had all of their tutorials playing as my background viewing during the work day the last month. I finally had to get my license and get in there as it was driving me mad not getting to follow along and learn it. Lol
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