HUD Area & Text Box color problems


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First, your Text Box, when you have this kind of issue... it's because its size is not correct.
try to make it larger (or smaller), it would work better:

Now, for the strange colors in your HUD. It's because the game engine loads 2 screens at the time: the current screen and the screen next to it... and the attributes of the HUD areas are mixed.
So, a easy workaround:
On your 1st screen, paint the HUD area with the "R" key (hold the "R" key of your keyboard to paint the area with the Sub4 palette)
AND, on the screen next to it (at its Right), ALSO, paint the HUD area with the "R" key (sub4 palette) :

It should fix your issues.


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Attributes for the textboxes are 32x32 pixel metatiles rather than 16x16 metatiles. If you re-size your textbox like Dale says to a 32x32 pixel basis (2x2 normal 16x16 pixel metatiles) that should fix any color bleeding.


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Glad you fixed your issues :)
Yeah, sorry when I am not clear (english is not my language)...
Yes, I was meaning the screen that is to the Right of your current screen (where you have the hud issue)... you have to do it, EVEN, if the right screen is an empty (unused) screen ;)


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Assembly tutorials, great! It's not easy... >_<
Can't wait to follow what you will create with NESmaker <3


Thank you!
Yes, the nerdy nights tutorials. I forgot about them, I should have a look again :)

thedodecahydra said:
I would like to be able to contribute to the scriptbase here, but for now I'm just trying to get a wedding present made for my best friend.

That's such a nice idea :)
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