I need bad@$$ character design. Any Ideas?

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Heres some basics for drawing stuff for an nes game.This is Churno. His shirt is big enough
to be a dress and he always has kool-aid mouth. He never takes off his boots, especially when he bathes.
But don't worry because he doesn't bathe often.
First things first, no laughing.


Second, try to make each body part fit within a region or a square.That when we animate it is easier and we can reuse tiles.
What i have here,although artisticly free, it's using up alot of space on my graphic sheet here.So lets only use what we need
and simply mirror for animations.

So we only needed half of a front view, half of a back view.We could also make the front shirt and behind shirt the same and cut
out one of those squares.Here's an example of one i did.You can make several npcs with so many animations ,but its for a future game .
It's a music based workout game.I actually made too many characters and animations with this 1 chr graphics file, that i got an error saying i did too much for nesmaker!

Like 10 characters that have 7 animations each(because i had to heavily limit myself),front animations and back animations, 3 or 4 body types, quite a few heads, and they are all big n detailed.Plus all of my chars animations n graphics.
I have them separated in such a way and compromise at some points to get an end result that gives me quite alot to work with, and compact too.
If you require something cooler than churno, be sure to post specifics.

mouse spirit

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Was churno not good enough?......... Maybe keep him in your pocket for later.
Heres a design so far based on your sketch.

This is Cy-bore...or 001V-97....or Jarky?....How bout... Timothy Valor?.... Or The Mayor!.... Or Vezz, the Crystein Prince...
His hands are detachable and can be replaced with feet or cyber-hooves.That way he can run twice as fast!
initial design.png
initial design 2.png
I made sure it animates well. This should be a good start for an overhead character.If we need a different perspective we
can do somethin to it.

This is for starblades so please dont "officially" use if you are not starblades.

mouse spirit

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Heres some zelda types. I will update this post more.

You can get rid of doubled graphics and just flip them when making animations.
initial design.png
initial design 2.png

This is for starblades so please dont "officially" use if you are not starblades.
(but if you also need graphics, just go ahead and ask.)

I actually think the overhead looks better, and will make graphics and level design much easier.
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