I've been NESmaking a week and I'm like a fish out of water


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Hello forum!

I took the plunge and got into this and so far it's turning my brain to mush. I don't have much programming experience at all. When I was a kid I messed around with BASIC a little bit and before I dropped out of college I was in a computer programming course, which was one of the classes that really brought that endeavor to a halt.

I have followed the 12 days of NESmas tutorials and gotten my game up and running, made some slight changes to scripts on my own, and so far been enjoying the experience. However, I'm going to have a lot of questions if I'm going to try and add more depth to this game. I've been able to solve a few problems here and there but the list of issues I want to tackle is growing day by day.

The working title for this game is Cyclista, and in it you navigate your bicycle through suburbs, bike paths, trails, farmlands, and city landscapes collecting some point rewards and ultimately reach some kind of final destination that would signify a win all while avoiding things like road hazards, running children, kids on skateboards, wild animals, and of course vehicular traffic. Some cars even throw garbage out their windows you have to avoid. I want the focus of the game to be on exploration so I'm gonna try and make an immersive open world that can use hidden areas or pathways to make new discoveries exciting. Of course much of the inspiration is from riding my bike all over the streets, back lots and alleyways in my hometown. In fact when I need a break from NESmaking I'll hop on my bike and tool around the neighborhood a bit, observing the surroundings and always finding some details that I hadn't noticed before. Biking has always been my biggest passion in life.

So anyway, that's my intro with a little bit about me and my project. I hope that this turns into something fun and interesting even if it doesn't involve a whole lot of deviation from the pre-written modules and scripts.

Thanks everybody for being awesome and creating the things you do and helping people like me get a taste of game development.


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Yes, a bit like Paperboy but no paper throwing, no scrolling, and in a more or less top-down view. Yes it's got several monsters and a few monster groups. It's playable in its current state so I was considering putting up a WIP thread.
You should do that. Sounds interesting.
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