"KronoVerse SYSTEM 1" a Console within a Console

a console within the NESMAKER.
AKA restrictive graphics and sound.
Master Palette = 32 colors (still figuring out what colors)
Per Game Palette = "Custom" 16 colors via Master Palette
16 colors on screen Max
Per 8x8 tile = 2 colors
per 8x8 sprite = 2 colors (+ transparency)
Music = Triangle + Noise channel = (2 channels)
Sound FX = Pulse(Square) + Noise Channel

------Standardized Start/Title Screen --------
Based on Colecovision.
in theory more memory in the BIOS ROM
to allow for 6 color variations of the logo.
colors representing game genres i.e. Red=RPG, Blue=Arcade, Green=Adventure.....
then 192x48 for game logos. and 64x8 for "PRESS START"
"PRESS START" gets a blinking animation.
NO music, but a Sound FX for when the "PRESS START" is....pressed.

for reference point a 2nd Gen Console, maybe early 3rd, but somewhere in between Intellivision to Colecovision to SG 1000.


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Intriguing... well, to be honest I'm confused. Is this a game idea or are you making a console and using NesMaker to make the software?
using the NesMaker with Restrictions to make games, as if the games were on another console....like from an alternate dimension
for the 2nd-3rdish Generation. (to be honest, I was thinking about making a video about it, since I figured it might be confusing)
so I hope this helps a little.

the goal is to make a handful of games within this format. but you play them normally on Mesen.

in the meantime. I made a track using 2 channels just a triangle and noise per restrictions.
soundcloud track -----> Track01 "Bass and Highs"

thanks for the interest + Cheers
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