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When he was creating his previous game (for the NESmaker Byte-Off 2019 competition), my son had lots of ideas that he would have liked to incorporate into his entry game. However, due to lack of time, he wrote everything down and told me that it would be for the next game... that how was created KUBO 3.

The game takes up the adventures of the cowboy turtle where the previous episode ended. The Evil Mole kidnapped the villagers... and Kubo will have to find 4 sacred objects in order to free them.

It took my son, Seiji, almost a year to make this game. As usual, we mostly worked on it for a few days during school holidays or on rainy weekends.
He wanted to finish it before our February vacations because he wanted to hand it to Joe Granato, the creator of NESmaker (on a short trip to Florida for a few days).

(Joe Granato & Seiji - Feb 15th 2020)

Game Design: Seiji
Soundtrack: Raftronaut
Code: dale_coop

A small video:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmvFVepsiaw

2020-07-01 minor cosmetic adjustments (bushes, the cemetery level) for the cart version to come
2020-04-24 fixed the death issues (in the under water level) and small modifications to balance the game
2020-04-12 small modification (the graphics on the Castle door tile was not the correct ones)
2020-03-27 added english/french languages support, fixed a few issues to make the game more coherent/balanced
2020-03-04 fixed/moved some tiles in the overworld that could get the player stuck in solid tiles when entering some screens

Available on itchio:
Direct download:

Map of the overworld:

NES cartridges are already available and a complete in box edition will be released soon (Summer 2020).
If you are interested, feel free to contact me via PM here or Facebook (dale coop) or Twitter (@dale_coop) or Instagram (@dale_coop).

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That's so awesome Dale! I'll play your game next week, when I'll finally have some spare time again. Congratulations to your son and you for finishing the game in time and what a nice gift for Joe :)

red moon

I played through this week and made it a good ways through the cave, clouds and water areas. I really love the overall vibe and the music was really fitting. I thought that mix of top down and side scrolling was really cleaver and the fact that you have water effecting the player sprite is amazing!


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Seiji did choose a red color cart, for KUBO 3 (sauf limited versions):

The three KUBO games:

PS: Joe received a limited version, the Green cart ;)


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Wow that is really cool. Your son looks very proud to be sharing his game with Joe. I will definitely try it out this weekend when I get back in town

red moon

These are great, thanks for sharing the original drawings! So great to see them translated into game sprites.


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Thx for game i tried yesterday Rev A seems Rev B is out ;) Thx for updated version! Kubo 3 is fun game! ;)


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Updated (small modification on the graft of one tile :p)
And added a mapper2-header version of the Rom.
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