Leggite Luta Livre Demo


The demo for my brawler (beat-em-up) game, Leggite Luta Livre, is now available to download on Itch.io.

Remember that you can simply bypass the "donate" screen to download the demo for free. Some people get hung up on that thinking they have to pay.

This is my progress so far on building out the basic brawler mod. I imagine this game will take a long time to get right, so this is just an early look.

You can download it here.


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I downloaded this and played it on a homebrewed Wii running FCE Ultra 3.4.7. I really dug it! I like your character/enemy designs. I made it to the 2nd Boss so far. Worth checking out if anyone is curious.


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i Plan on Flashing it to a cart and test it out still at school at the moment though
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