Leggite Luta Livre


Hey all,

I've finished the single-player experience for my brawler Leggite Luta Livre. It's now available to purchase. I know this isn't a space for promotion, so if anybody wants to get the game for free, just PM me. I usually like to hook up fellow NESMakers with free copies of my ROMs if they are interested.

If you don't mind shuffling a few dollars around horizontally, as it were, you can grab the game here: https://johnvanderhoef.itch.io/leggite-luta-livre

I'm especially proud of this game since I had to figure out a lot of stuff on my own, in addition to getting the tremendous help in the community.

As with all my games, I think it's fun and engaging, but I also primarily make my games for my own amusement. So, who knows?



Watched the video a bit and just gotta say I love the character designs and animations!
Thanks, Razzie. I've worked hard on this one, and by the good graces of the community, the game is in a stable, dare I say fun and engaging state. I'm hoping to build upon the base game and add a 2-player mode (albeit one that will probably be a bit slow).
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