List of Supported Hardware/Clones for Mapper 20/30


Heres some pics of the console i tried on and the problem with my player Sprite.

Dont have the console any more.. changed it to a twin famicom instead. So can not check that more.

Maybe it was just my console that were bad..
Someone that have an famicom to try on?


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No ones heard of the AVS? It's a fantastic HD clone console that doesn't cost a arm & leg. It definitely can play nesmaker games.


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A lot of members have the AVS. It's the best modern way to play it.
Me, playing on NES, Famicom, raspberry pi & on my mac.


Confirmed to work on Analogue's just released NT Mini Noir.

Also, not sure if this fits the thread perfectly, but maybe it'll be of some help to anyone searching, so I'll add it anyway --

Confirmed to work on the following Android Emulators --
  • NES.emu (by Robert Broglia)
  • RetroArch with core named NES / Famimcom (Mesen) -- license GPLv3
  • Retro Nes Emulator
  • Super NES :)
  • NESDroid
  • SuperNostalgia


CLASSIQ N Console is working good for my flash cart. Nothing instantly noticeably off. Game play normal. The controller is a little cheap but works great for the price which was only $22. I have the red and black one.


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Nestopia does not support mapper 30. It gives you an error saying the "mapper is malformed" lol.


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Compiling a list of supported Hardware that will run using Mapper 20/30 for those looking to play or develop games!

Currently Testing with Mystic Quest Origins

We added support for NES and mapper 30 to Argon earlier this year.
The Android version (for phone/tablet/tv/chromebook) is available on Google Play.
We have an Amazon version (Fire Tablet, Fire TV, Fire Stick) available for private testing.
Raspberry Pi version also in private testing.

More info at

Information for developers that would like their games in either the free play or premium section at

Any questions/suggestions/feedback/etc, just ping me here or on social media (markspaceinc on itch, twitter, facebook, IG, etc)

We had lots of fun with NES -- I most enjoy the simulated stereo support we have - chiptune music sounds awersome with headphones on!

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