Magic Blocks (?) [Mechanic WIP]


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Hey guys!

I can't say this is a game. It's not. It's just a mechanic for a small puzzle game I've been playing around. Nevertheless, I figured that maybe I could do something with this idea, so I started with a proof of concept.

The idea is to turn the monsters into blocks to access other places or platforms. I need to explore a little bit more during the design phase. But I'll let this work for later.

There's a lot of things to improve, but the core concept is here.


1) Wrap up the core mechanic
2) Design five levels or so for a technical demo for others to play around

After that, I'll seek an artist and a musician to help me with the game's assets. Small project, but full of love. <3

The ASM part was a bit tricky to get done, my code is a mess, but it's working... So I guess that's the most important, right?

Assets credits:


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I would be interested to know how you did that monster solid platform thing...? is it an object?


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Hey Dale! Yes, the blocks are objects. They are treated as a NPCs and I control their behavior via the “object_vulnerability” byte.

In the final game I’ll have different blocks to explore more mechanics. For example, one that can work as an elevator.

They are not tiles since I couldn’t figured how to control the tile bound box and to move them around. I wanted to work with small objects instead of 16x16 tiles

I think that this can be possible, but having them as objects were easier and more flexible, IMO.

The problem I see now is the sprite limitation I’ll have in the screen. I’ll probably have to destroy some before adding the possibility to create more.


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Absolutely. I rewrote some parts of the collision, landing and bounds algorithms. Not only input scripts.

but the jump script can access the information about the player collision with the blocks to allow jumping off of them.
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