Making precise PHOTOSHOP Pixel art!

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Ok, so, you know the deal, you LOVE Photoshop but you can stop the bleed/blur effect that's inherent with the brush tool, you're going through a money crunch and you really don't wanna fork out cash for another program (let alone sit down and learn it [right now at least.])

The solution is VERY simple, and requires NO additional plugins (though they do exist,):

Go to the tool bar on the left, Left-click-hold on the Brush Tool icon till the sub-drop down menu rolls down, and choose the Pencil. Change the pencil/brush size to 1pixel (or whatever size you want, but 1 pixel is what your after for 8bit pixel art.)

Next, go to the Eraser Tool and click on it (not hold,) and the go to the Eraser Tool settings just above the Project/Ruler tabs (but just below the functions: File, Edit,Image,Layer, etc.) and set the Eraser Tool to Pencil; then set the size of the this Eraser/Pencil/Brush.

And you're done!!!

Additional tip: If you want the Paint-bucket/Fill Tool to be more accurate, then uncheck "Anti-Alias", and it will no longer bleed to neighboring colors/borders.

Now you can enjoy FAST pixel art creation without the need of another program.

BONUS!: If you use the TImeline function/Window you can animate your frames! It's fairly easy and intuitive
BONUS!: You can also export your sprites to NES Maker, but you'll probably have to repaint everything (I'm still working on this and learning the application) : In Photoshop go to File>Save for Web, and set the PNG format to PNG-8, it will reduce the colors and allow you to adjust the amount of colors from 2,4,8,16+. Granted, it won't be super perfect but it comes damn close. If this still is unsatisfactory then you can definitely import your image to simple free apps like Microsoft Paint and make a BMP.

EDIT 4-17-2020: I moved this thread here, as i think it wasn't exactly in it's proper section.
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