Metroid but it's Flappy Bird


Came up this strange idea yesterday... So... What if there was a Metroid style adventure game for the NES with Flappy Bird physics? xD

The concept seemed fun enough that I wanted to invest some time in developing it further. However... Soon I realized being able to fly anywhere you want is not actually as fun as it may seem. Therefore I changed the game to have normal jump physics at first and after beating an enemy you get two "air jumps" as a reward. The jumps will also decrease by one each time player jumps in midair.

What do you think? Is there potential? Shoud I develop it further?

In case you are interested here is the gameplay video & the game rom

Oh. And if you want to make your own Flappy Bird game it was actually very easy in Nesmaker. I used the basic Metroidvania module, but it should work in all modules with gravity & jumping. All you have to do is to change gravity values in doHandlePhysics to
and bypass all the ground checks in your jump script (e.g. jump_throughPlat)
;; Beginning of your jump script
        JMP +doJump


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