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Good Afternoon NESmaker Peeps,

I've been lying low for awhile, working VERY slowly on a project. and I am finally getting to a place where I'd like to share some of that work.
CutterCross, Logan and Kevin81 have been giving me invaluable help and guidance as I flop about with NESmaker/famitracker.
Without them I don't think I would have stuck to it as much as I have.

Project Molly will be a sci-fy platformer-shooter about a futuristic society that has already embraced the new normal after biological warfare has caused their planet to be cut off from the rest of the galaxy. Molly is a professional scavenger just trying to pay the bills and keep the lights on.

Based off a webtoon I wrote for, for a short while: The Easy Life

At the moment there is no demo...
Everything you see here was me just kind of screwing around and getting the base stuff done...
The text system needs work... but honestly? I never thought it would even HAPPEN...
Seriously if Cutter and Logan weren't around this would never have gotten anywhere... and let me stress... I don't ask them like... 1 or 2 questions... I BOMBARD them with questions... They should start charging... lol (please don't).... But they've got me super excited to keep going now.

My plans next are: (In no particular order), writting this stuff down so I can start to organize and keep track (because it's a crazy mess)

-Start Screen
-Game Over screen
-Cut scenes
-Inbetween missions

-Flying Monster
-Spitting Monster
-Crawling monster
-Shooting animation
-Dying Animation
-Monster death animation
-Boss for demo

-Title Screen (I'll make something new)
-Boss Music (Need to finish "Metal City: Boss")
-Game Over (May use my original game over music for Molly)
-SFX for shooting gun
-SFX for jump
-SFX for death of ZomZom
-SFX for bounce on Maintenance Jumper

Game stuff:
-Text system set up for multiple messages on a single screen
-Text system pallet issue needs to be address
-Text system needs to fit into confines of "text box"
-Consider trying to get a "loft weapon" like an arcing nade that explodes on impact and has limited uses
-Consider adding a ducking feature if player presses down

Tile set/Pixel Assets:
-Level one boss area
-Start screen "logo"
-Need a Data Sphere (3 frame rotating pallet sphere)
-Need lighting tiles to murder players.
-consider reworking background tiles again... I bet you can layer the city better.
-Molly needs a rework, her body is too ridged

For fun here is the renditions that went into developing Molly and the zombie from the original Pixel art:

Molly_Firing_and_reloading.gifConcept Zombie (3).gif

Second Rendition of Molly and Zombie:
ZomZom_WalkCycle1.gifMolly Walk Cycle.gif

Third Rendition of Molly and Zombie:
ZomZom_WalkCycle3.gifMolly Walk Cycle (4).gif

Current rendition of Molly and Zombie:
ZomZom_WalkCycle3_ColorAttempt (6).gifMolly_V2_WalkCycle_8Frames (1).gif

And then Molly's original Portrait:

It's been really fun and challenging working with the limitations of the NES and I look forward to seeing how this project turns out.
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So exited that other people are getting to see this, can’t wait to see where this goes ;p and I will be with you like almost 100% of the way


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wow! This game looks really fun! and looks cool!! great pixels!! Thanks for sharing such detail of the process. I will be reading over these points and following with my game development!


Tis been CRAZY. Getting a lot of stuff done.

Thanks for all the kind words peeps! :)

Start Screen and game over screen are built and placeholders are in place:

We got two new monsters, a flyer and a Crawling ZomZom. Cutter also helped to fix the text wrapping issue at the top of the screen.


And for fun I've been screwing around with trying to make "rain" using the pallete cycling script.


I do plan to stream tonight from 8 pm to 10 pm (EST) so drop by if you'd like to see me floppin' about... It's a good time. BUT, fair warning, I am ~not~ family friendly. It is a mature stream.

You can find my twitch Here!

Take care y'all, I hope to get a playable demo out there soon,
Jolly Shadow
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