More of a fair warning for using System Restore for Windows 10

mouse spirit

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Recently i had to get my laptop working again. When trying everything, i did try a System Restore
in windows 10.Although my nesmaker files mostly stayed current(as they should,rolling back is for apps n drivers n such)
all of my MST files did revert to the roll back date.So i lost progress on some things but not my graphics,asm's,ect.
This was in 4.1.5. It may happen for an obvious reason to someone else but im not expert.
Just thought i'd warn anyone just incase.


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Sadly, a lot of bad things can happen to a pc, a hard drive, ...

General rule for everyone:
Always make backups of your NESmaker folder (or at least the GameEngineData, GraphicAssets folder and your MST file)... and store that backup onto an external place or a cloud service.
Every day, after your finish working on your project, would be the best practice.

mouse spirit

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Yup. Im gonna backup off the machine more. I did end uo finding a good backip i made on an sd card. So thankfully i am back where i was.
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