Music and SFX for your NESMaker project


Hello everyone!

After some deliberation, I've decided to offer my services as a music composer for your NESMaker projects. I enjoy composing and creating music and sound effects using Famitracker, and would like to actually contribute to a project. Therefore I would love to help and be featured in an actual game. I'm not asking for any compensation other than receiving the final ROM (although a mention would be nice).

If you tell me what your game is about (the genre, its environmental setting, et cetera), I'll compose an appropriate soundtrack with sound effects and keep you posted on its progress. When you're satisfied and happy with the result, I'll send you both the FTM file and the exported text file which you can import into NESMaker.

For reference, you can listen to some of my work on my Soundcloud page.
So if you're looking for someone to add sound to your game, either let me know in the thread, via email (kevin81 [at] nerdboard [dot] nl) or send me a DM:
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