NESMAKER 4.5.9 -----> what happened to auto scroll, scroll R, L...?

hello all,
Like an idiot I just watched the shooter tutorial from a couple years ago, only to find auto scroll missing from Screen info.
is there a simple way to enable auto scrolling still?

thanks + cheers + ugh


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I take it there used to be a screen flag to turn auto scroll on or off per screen?


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In the 4.5 (newer versions) the code engine is different for scrolling, auto scrolling and single screen games. Each module is using a different script (when for previous versions it was a unique script made of checks to skip parts if necessary).
I think it was done for optimization purposes.
Make a unique big script that could handle all the cases... would be too big in the new version (or someone would have to write a lighter engine).


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The shooter module probably comes closest to what your seeking but be warned it is a untamed beast and a pain to work with.
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