NESmaker Byte Off III competition 2022

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I can appreciate the fun and effort put into this, but...
Why wouldnt they submit any finished games and demos from the retroverse to these publishers?
(I mean if anyone wants to.)
If they expect these newly made games to be finished, they will have to wait like 2 years, if they ever get
finished... realistically.

Not to mention that the program still has many problems, people still ask the same exact questions,
and hit the same roadblocks.Not for their lack of skill, but for lack of ease in using the program and the fact
that there is NO MANUAL. And for the simple things that any video tuts lack, or that the program doesnt normally feature.
So we cant really expect any newcomers .
People currently working on projects will have to stop those for a month atleast, and create something else, to
promote nesmaker .... when they are all currently making games already, or have completed games, with nesmaker...
if they want to join in.

If you wonder why i would seem negative,about what seems like a fun cool thing,its because its never what youre told.
We all put in the effort, we all help and support eachother, we fix the program, we get promised things,
we overwork to produce something out of thin air, in a short amount of time..... and i cant even tell you what came
from last years competition. And i didnt notice any games on the retroverse BETA being played by anyone but us.( I'm still waiting on the all the meet ups.because byte-off 2021 was just the begining.....)

Id say anything gained, had to do with personnel success,and from helping eachother.
Sadly that has nothing to do with the byte off. Its always to promote nesmaker and really get any
newcomers into buying into it.
I mean everyone had to repeatedly ask to get the line "NO CODING REQUIRED " removed.
Not for us, but for those new people. I dont think we as a community want to be associated with
basically lying to people,or even pipe dreams. These are hefty promises,
and those are usually less fullfilled than normal ones here.
But i hope this is true, fun, and helps people here be successful in what theyve maybe dreamt of doing.
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Revival of the NES? We have to Resuscitate a NES that was buried in the ground? What the hell is the meaning of the theme?


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We're four days in already? Time really flies!
I think I'm still on schedule to have my entry done before the submission deadline though =] Fingers crossed!
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