NESMaker Homebrews on NES Classic Edition Tutorial


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Hey I posted a quick tutorial at the facebook group on how to play games made with NESMaker on the NES and SNES Classic Edition micro consoles. I've tested both the Troll Burner demo, as well as Mystic Origins on my 2016 edition NES Classic. What I did was this:

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of Hakchi 2. The version I'm using as I type this is version 1.2.5, though version 3.3.0 is right around the corner.

Step 2: Install the custom firmware using Hakchi. It will dump the original image of the OS and roms to your PC, and install a custom image where you can install extra games.

Step 3: Drag your homebrew rom to the Hakchi window, or click File - Add Games. Dragging is much simpler.

Step 4: Right Click your rom file, and click Select Emulation Core.

Step 5: Select your game from the left pane (the largest of the three), make sure Nintendo- Nintendo Entertainment System is highlighted in the upper right pane, click FCEUmm in the lower right pane, click OK.

Step 6: Click Syncronize selected games with NES/SNES Mini

Step 7: Enjoy your NESMaker homebrew on the NES Classic in all its HD glory lol!

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Some questions: So Hakchi works with Mapper 30 now?

My NES Classic is virgin at the moment (think I'll wait for the 3.3.0) but my SNES Classic was Hakchi'd awhile back. Now I'm nervous about upgrading it to a more recent version, out of fear I'll lose my saves. Is that fear legitimate?

It's my understanding that the recent version has support for USB sticks built in. Is that true?


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xThe recent version yes, has the USB built in. You just have to download the add on from the hakchi store. All you need is an OTG adapter since the usb plugs into the power port on the back. After hacking my SNES Classic, I've noticed the SNES games take up a lot more space on the internal memory than the 8 bit games from the NES. I have a feeling the USB expansion may be an essential upgrade.

As far as I've followed Hakchis development, once the image has been dumped your good. The program should be able to be upgraded from within the app itself. Though admittedly I have yet to upgrade myself as of yet. I just checked my copy, and the app will auto update itself when the last few bugs have been worked out.


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Old topic. But have been digging into this. I was putting my games on my NES Classic and they work with FCEUmm… but the colors are a bit off. Wonder why the Mesen core doesn’t work? Anybody find a way to get their games to work on their classic with better mapper colors?

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In the years since this was posted, I've found out if you convert NESMaker games to Mapper 2, they'll function on the NES Classic's native emulator. You'll lose animated CHR tile support though.
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