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Hi, I loved this game Noahs ark on the nes. I hear it never came out in US so go grab it on steam if youve not played already.
The interesting thing here is how they did the emulator wrapper and i wanted to share what i found.

If you explore the steam content youl find this.

inside the res folder youl see this

This seems quite familiar and is the same kidna way NESTEK handles file loading. if you rename the files to have extensions like this you can edit them.1617787333425.png

Replace game with your nes rom. Dose not support mapper 30. you cn convert to mapper 2 using somthing like iNES header checker.
You wana change the data file to the name of your game

You can change the custom bg whitch only apreas in full screen and the option menu overlay. and even the font if u place your own characters over the font png provided.
it suports for 3 save slots with thumbnails. but iv heard that it dosnt save normals from a coment on steam page. this may just be someone not realizing the original nes game didint save or something anyway.

You can edit the icon using something like resource hacker tutorial here: the original EXE,then select “Replace Icon.”


This seems prity cool.
It even includes the source files for the emulator wrapper which seems to be Madnafen
A emulator based off of FCE Ultra. as reference NESTEK is built off FCEUX and dose support mapper 30 but is being flagged as a virus on some peoples machines.

I'm not sure yet what the legality of editing and redistributing this is but i thought it was cool to mess around with. I did find refrence to GPL v3 in the src files and i dont think the code integrates with the steam sdk in any way so i think its may be ok to but id do a bit more homework about that if you wanna use it yourself.

For anyone interested in NESTEK here the itch page:

and if you wana port to Dreamcast here the nes todreamcast page:


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This is, thank you Ally, really interesting ! Man, I will use it for sure for my own games <3
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