Notepad++ ASM6 Custom UDL Theme


For those who use Notepad++ as their daily driver, I spent some time this weekend refining a theme for code highlighting to make things a bit more readable. The theme doesn't change the global colors so you'll still have to make some adjustments in the settings/StyleConfigurator menu to get things looking more exact to my setup. I also don't use the built in NP++ dark themes but have a custom Windows theme so your results may vary. Still grab it if it looks interesting.

Also this isn't a normal NP++ theme but instead is a User Defined Language theme so don't put it in the themes folder but in the UserDefined folder which if you have a default Win7 install should be in C:\Users\<Your User Name>\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\userDefineLangs.

Either way, hopefully you get some use out of it.


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