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I'm still new to NESMaker, and I ran into an issue when trying to create a platformer. At one point on my overworld, a strange white line appears under the HUD. It starts to move the more I move on the overworld, and I can't figure out how to get rid of it.


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There's no way to avoid that, it's the result of how sprite 0 is used to split the HUD and game screen. You could move said sprite closer to the edges of the screen to minimize it, though.
You should watch this video to understand it better: https://youtu.be/o7m4gxhgX0U


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Hi Hoodee, I'm also new to NesMaker. However, I did eventually get rid of those lines just by trial and error. This might not work for your game but my settings are...

- Use Sprite Zero Setection (on)
- X - 247
- Y - 19
- HUD 2 blocks high (like yours)
- Screen tiles behind HUD area set to HUD pallette ((press R to change tile color) I ended up with a HUD which changed color when scrolling if I didn't do this)
- Sprite 0 index 127 (gameobjecttiles.bmp) (I think index tile can not be the transparent color or black) please correct me on that if im wrong.

Also, pretty much all my background graphics have ended up with the top line being transparent pixels. If I use a tile which does not have transparent pixels at the top I still get the same issue. If possible you could just create an asset like this just for the top row if you can spare the graphics space.

I hope this helps.

p.s - I was playing Ducktales recently. Something similar happens in the hud on that game and its a finished title so probably not the easiest thing to fix i guess.


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I'll try and see if that works, but sadly right now I'm going trough an error that doesn't let me save so it might take me a bit. :/


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Jonny is right about trials and error.

Me, I'd suggest to try something different like placing the sprite 0 to the right!

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