Plummet Challenge Game (Fista Productions)


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Fista productions is back with a brand new game for your retro entertainment system. You are the Plummeteer. Plunge for prizes and points before hitting obstacles or landing face first into the ground. Gold gems are worth 10 points and the special colored gems are worth 100. There are 75 exciting levels in the main game, while the marathon mode has 150 levels for a longer experience. Everyone is able to complete the game, but just how good are you at it?

The contest awaits.
Can you beat your high score?
Let’s find out.


Directional pad to move, B or A to jump, Start to play game or continue to next screen.


Cartridge Label - HERE
Bitbox Label - HERE
Insert Card for Bitbox - HERE


  • Game, Programming, Misc GFX - @5kids2feed
  • Lead Artist - Lilith Brendan
  • Music & SFX - @kevin81
  • Poster Art - Devonstore
  • Poster art version of Lilith’s original logo - DHWorks
  • Bitbox, card insert, & cartridge design - @5kids2feed
  • Special thanks to @dale_coop and @Jonny for fixing glitches and coding.
  • Powered by NESMaker.


There are 5 secrets in this game. 4 will be revealed in an upcoming video.. can you find the 5th?

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StoneAgeGamer has included PCG with its free rom pack when you buy an Everdrive from them! My old game Carpet Shark is in there too still 🙌🏻

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All of the beautiful pixel art Lilith did for Plummet Challenge Game (minus one of the secrets that I’m keeping.. well.. secret)! 🤩 It was my job to color all of it and make all the background tiles. But she knocked it out of the park with all of the main artwork & even created the logo for the game!!! Lilith also did the sprites for The Excitables (which is in development as we speak).



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In case you missed out.. 4 out of 5 secrets to the Plummet Challenge Game were released in the playthrough video yesterday. Here’s a quick 1 min recap of the codes and how to achieve them!

- Carpet Shark Code -

On level 3 of marathon mode press up + select.

- Pinball Code -

On level 4 of marathon mode press down + select.

- Secret Monster -

Choose your fate will normally restart your game. Take the exit on Marathon Mode to see this.

- Phase F -

On level 9 of main game press up + select.

…There's one more secret in the game.
Can you find it❓


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I wonder how possible/hard it would be to get them on Spotify... I've not looked at the publisher side of that...

Hmmm.. Good question! Maybe @kevin81 would know?

You'll need to work with an official distributor like CD Baby or Distrokid to get your work on Spotify. The cost for this may vary across distributors: some charge a fixed amount per single or album release, others charge a yearly fee. Either way prices are within the 10-100 dollar range. I do not have any first-hand experience with distributors though, this is all I the information I have on the subject.


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Thanks to Newcade for including Carpet Shark and Plummet Challenge Game in their emulator where you can save, rewind, and play with local multiplayer! Be sure to check out their website for more information. (

“At Newcade, we have a simple dream; to share our games, on our devices, with our friends. Every day we work to improve our software to allow that dream to thrive. In short, Newcade is emulation + cloud gaming in one package.”


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Outtakes from the Plummet Challenge Game commercial. I apparently have no regard for my camera or my body. 30 minutes of footage cut down to 1 minute. If the text is too quick for you in the middle.. this is what happened.. while filming this trailer… I went up a hill.. in a field.. far away from anyone to record this… As I’m running back and forth on the carpet I laid in the middle of the park.. this old dude with his dog are just staring at me in all of my get up. I waved and said “filming! ..a project”… he nodded and continued to watch me run back and forth 🤣
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