Polymega UI resource specifications.


Some of us got a nice email from Joe regarding Polymega, and the possibility of having our demos / games included in the system,
but just like myself, some people also found the lack of explanation regarding how exactly are the requested materials used and why such odd dimensions for screenshots etc.

so, I mailed Bryan of Polymega and asked, here's the whole deal quoted from the man himself;


here's some example assets for a single NES game on Polymega. These are png format only.

Game data needed:

- Game Title in English and any other languages
- Year, Genre, Number of players
- Publisher name (this will be NESMaker unless you have another Publisher)
- Developer name (your name, or your companies name)

Polymega UI:

Game tile (320x224) PNG:

Boxart (~282x381) PNG:

Screenshot (1440x1080) Minimum 3, lossless PNG only.
First image will be used in the details screen (can specify the image offset for cropping from 400 (higher) to -400 (lower). Any other images can be seen by pressing left and right on the d-pad.



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Thanks for the clear instructions, Mugi.
A small question... do the screenshots have to be stretched?


from what i understood, yes.

here's the exact quote Bryan said when i asked the same question:

We have to make images across a variety of resolutions and systems look good for our UI which is why they use a 4:3 zoomed aspect ratio for screenshots.
Games display in this resolution by default while playing but can be changed to pixel perfect and other aspect ratios as well by the user.
Thanks for sharing this Mugi! Makes me feel a lot better about what I shared, though I have black space in the sides of my screenshots.

What about the game description/story text? We weren't asked for that.


I dont know, He didnt mention that.

i suppose one can be sent afterwards if needed.


This was super helpful, I had sent my bundle on two days ago and after seeing this post I realized my dimensions where waaaaaaay off. I had even stretched my screen shots incorrectly as well. Trying to fix them at work (away from Fceux or mesen) I had to get creative about how I could save the screen shots.. soooo I cheated and simply copied other sections of my screen and pasted them into the margins left at the side of the screen.

Somehow I managed to blow up my original screen shots into 1234x1080 format somehow..

scaling it to 1440x1080 resulted in large margins similar to what Jsherman described

So as I said above I simply cheated and selected regions to copy/paste into the margins to reconstruct the image:

It's not ideal, but I suppose it will work ..

One unintended benefit of working with Nesmaker is also being motivated to learn how to use photoshop (gimp in my case, because it's freeee).
I would not have spent the mental energy on learning it if it wasn't directly useful for this project. With music, I usually tend to outsource the layouts for Lps, cds, cassettes, and posters etc. Feels good to get an understanding of it myself, what I've learned this far will be infinitely useful to me going forward..
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