Problem with locked doors


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I'm following along with the tutorial, but my locked door tiles aren't being replaced by the open door tiles when unlocked with the key. The open door tile appears just in front of the locked door tile, which remains on the wall. When the two screens are set to the same Screen Type, and picking up the key triggers both rooms, the tile is replaced as it should. It's only when the Screen Types are different, that I have this issue. Any idea where I went wrong?
My first hunch is that the room with the key and the room with the locked door are on the same trigger number. Getting the key in one room sets the locked door room to also enter a triggered state. Check your screen details to see if they are both the same number (I forget the field label and i am at work).

One of the trickier things to do is keep track of any trigger events and make sure you assign the scren they occur on a unique number.

I hope that helps.


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The only time I'm seeing the locked door tile get correctly replaced by the open door tile is when they are set to the same number and triggered together. When they are set to different numbers, the locked door tile remains, and the open door tile appears right in front when you go to unlock the door with the key.


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Are you sure, your locked doors (the ones your screen) have the right collision data (on mouse over, it says both are locked doors)? Else put them again on your screen...
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