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So you'v made a NES homebrew game and want to publish on steam! You've came to the right place. (Disclaimer, do not try to publish any nes game that you dont own)
I couldn't find an easy way to do this so a payed a friend to make it simpler and decided to share it with everyone. The base emulator is Fceux.

This is free and open source but if you do release a game using it please consider donating something as the development of this was not free.

We do not take any responsibility for any projects you release with this.

Supported features:
Most mappers including 30
Controller remapping
Save files, if your game uses saves they will automatically lads the last saved file.

I hope this help everyone get there games out there on steam. I used this to publish flea on steam so the process works and steam accepts it.

I am working on a video tutorial but there is a simple text tutorial on the page.
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I watched a video, and that is neat. How to load last save game work? or it is something else. (I am hearing impairment.)
Hi sorry about mabie mumbling though that bit.
Load save game should just work. at the moment it just spits out a save file next to the exe in a folder.
It automaticaly loads the last save if you exit then restart. no save states just actual coded save files.
You can delete the save from the ingame escape menu. It will be later moved to users appdata to get around windows admin permissions. If you build an installer with something like inno setup it currently gives an error saying cant save unless you run it as admin. its on the list to fix.
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No problem, it is nice to have it, because I can't figure out how to write my own save script. I run into two problems and I am using Window 10. One, it won't show splash screen in full screen, but it work in window mode. Two, after I exit the game, in sav folder it did updated new date and time. When I click on NES_Game.exe, it wont load to last save, instead of to title screen.


@Gregg Richardson
Ye iv had the splashscreen issue with full screen.

Dose your rom automatically load and resume in an emulator? or if it was on a cart would it boot to where you left off withought going to splash screen. I tested with a couple of games with saves and it seemed to retain the save. If you sent me the rom i could take a look.
It is not a save state so will not save exactly where you left off.

For flea I made a mario style hidden warp pipe zone for people who want to continue without having a save script in there. Mabie you could do something similar?


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Gregg, I think we are talking about in game save... not save states.
If YOUR game has a saving system implemented, it will work. If you don't have any saving feature in your game, of course, it will not save your progress ;)
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