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I didn't want to resurrect old threads on this, but I'm curious about the RPG module.... at least the 4 way scrolling bit, demoed in this video from February 2020. He's on version 4.4.2, I've got 4.5.9 which I believe is the latest, but none of the options jump out at me as the correct one:


Is it just not bundled? In the video he loads an existing project, which he says is a dummy Gamerquest thing, is that available anywhere? Is it coming in a future release, has it been abandoned?


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He hadn't completed it yet. He recently released another video few months ago about it. It's on it's way but we probably wont get it until the 5.0, says it's extremely difficult to make a catch all module for a RPG so it's probably going to be an advanced module as there is alot involved. Best make a few burner games before gearing up for that bad boy.


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From the sound of it, going to be a nightmare to use bit he'll give us some solid foundation to get us started.


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There's some scripts for vertical scroll with checks for cam position so looks like it was an idea. Tbh probably abandoned now forever. Not much word about any updates to NesMaker for a long time.
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