Run NesMaker games on Everdrive N8 ! ( and now the PowerPak too! )


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All you need is this Everdrive OS hack by Michel Iwaniec

UPDATE: Michel released a new version for the Everdrive, and an updated version for the Powerpak which fixes some bugs. Links down below!

Download this zip file: Everdrive N8 Mapper 30 v3

1. Plug your Everdrive SD card into your computer and find a folder called EDFC.
2. Blackup its contents somewhere on your computer just in case.
3. Replace its contents with the contents from the EDFC folder from the zip file you just downloaded, just dont replace the SAVE folder in case you dont wanna loose all your game saves and stuff.
4. Put your mapper 30 games somewhere on the card.
5. Put the card back into your Everdrive and boot it up, it will automatically load the new system files and you are ready to play your NesMaker games!

Michel also made a version for the PowerPak! PowerPak Mapper 30 v4

MOD EDIT: Edited to link to the latest version, and also give credit to the person who actually made it.


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Glad I used the search on the forum! Exactly what I was looking for since I’ve had a powerpak for years! Works like a charm.
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